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The Band

       Our band was founded at 2010 when Marietta Martaki , Stathis Doukas and other friends were gathering after their music classes and found themselves enjoying to play  music.

Our common love to our favourite music genres , especially power  , gothic  and heavy metal , led us to express ourselves with songwriting and singing.

The first result was an epic mini album and soon two full different metal albums , one with hellenic lyrics and one with english.

We really hope that our music inspiration is going to last for many years because we love to see you enjoying its music results!

Band Members

Marietta Martaki

Marietta Martaki was born in Athens in 1984. She studied classical piano, guitar, and music theory (specialized in tonal harmony, counterpoint and fugue). She graduated from the ISygkelakis conservatory with Diplomas in teaching (2007) and piano performance (2011) under Pr. Ioanna Sygkelakis. In the meantime in 2009 she completed her studies in advanced theory where she achieved her degree in the study of fugue under Pr Kalliope Melas. Few years later in 2016 she graduated with Diploma in guitar teaching under Pr. Costas Grigoreas at Peiramatikon conservatory. During her classical studies she was attending master classes in piano performance, piano performance with orchestras, guitar performance and ensembles by Pr. Dimitris Toufexis, Anastasios Symeonides and Costas Grigoreas.
She gained a great experience for almost 10 years as a teacher with lots of students. In 2014 she joined the first guitars of the MNO youth orchestra (founder: Pr. and composer Constantinos Tsilides conductor: Pr.and composer Yorgos Magoulas).
Since 1998 she has collaborated for many years in many concerts and recordings with musicians, ensembles and bands in classical, rock and metal music as pianist, guitarist, keyboards player. In 2010 she founded the band Mystic Symphony with her friend Stathis Doukas.

  Stathis Doukas

Stathis Doukas was born in Athens. He studied classical piano, vocals, drums, music theory ,music history, computer science and music technology. He graduated with Diploma in computer science from Athens University of Applied Sciences and he took courses in sound engineering and audio production. In the meantime he graduated from the ISygkelakis conservatory with Diplomas in tonal harmony (2012) under Pr. Kalliope Melas and he studied piano under Pr. Kosmas Lapatas. He also studied classical vocals under Pr. Maria Limperakou and Pr. Tasos Stellas and he took courses for specialized metal singing under the world famous Eli Prinsen and he dedicated years in studying musical orchestration and composition.
During his classical studies he has written many instrumental, metal and classical tracks and lyrics as well. He has also worked in the sections of web development and graphic designing.
In 2010 he founded the band Mystic Symphony with his friend Mariet Martakis. He is the songwriter for the first symphonic album of the band , named ”Fearless”.

Mystic Symphony - Fearless

Music by Stathis Doukas

Coming Soon
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