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August 2018   –   Fearless

Fearless is the debut album of Mystic Symphony. It is containing 5 tracks with epic feeling and it is a symphonic prelude for the band’s next main metal albums.


1. Attack

2. Fearless

3. Snowstorm

4. The Hero

5. Alone in the Dark

We really made our very best to deliver you those demanding tracks , with countless hours of musician’s recordings and choir singing rehearsals. We proudly say that the outcome of this bombastic epic album , has really pleased us. So we ask you to share our feelings and enjoy a fantastic music journey with the ”Fearless” mini album.

We thank you very much, everyone, for supporting our efforts!

Album Credits

Music Composition  : Stathis Doukas

Orchestra Conductor: Stathis Doukas

Piano & Keyboards : Mariet Martakis

Timpani / Cymbals :  Diomidis Arseniou

Rings and rythmic metals: Stathis Doukas

Cello/ Viola / Violins / Contrabass : Locomotive QuartetX

Flute/Piccolo/Bassoon : Lisa & Tom Quaren

Trompone/Trumpet: Nick Summerlens

French Horn: Victor Zeropoulos

Clarinet : Kim Kasimatis

Harp : Sandra Lekakis

Vocals & Choir: Vasiliki Liordou, Emilly Yovansky , Ann Richardos , Mariet Martakis, Sandra Lekakis, Stathis Doukas

The Production , mixing and mastering were made by Stathis Doukas in the Everhell Studios.

Mystic Symphony - Fearless

Music by Stathis Doukas

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Vote for your favourite track!
Vote for your favourite track!