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Studio Mascots

It’s break time from music!!
Time to introduce you our beloved mascots who accompany us during our studio sessions!
Some photos with our views from the  mixing room of EverhelStudios :
A window to another world, our two aquariums :
The first one is an amazonius aquarium hosting some of the most beautiful creatures, the well-known Discus (Symphysodon sp.): Yes, they are like beautifully patterned , ‘alive CDs’ with mouths, eyes and tails !
Except of those masterpieces of nature, many aquatic plants are adding their presence to the underwater scenery : Echinodorus Tornado, Ludwigia Cardinalis, Ludwigia Repens Ruby , Rotala Rotundifolia , Eusteralis Stellata, Blyxa japonica, Cuba and many more

Our second one is a beautiful tropical vivarium (half with woods and plants and half water ) with a small waterfall in its very center. Between the many tropical plants, like the different species of bromelias , anubias and orchids, it hosts our beloved ‘Morticia’ and ‘Gomez’ , a Dionea Mascipula and a Sarracenia Purpurea carnivorous plants !

Mystic Symphony - Fearless

Music by Stathis Doukas

Coming Soon
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Vote for your favourite track!
Vote for your favourite track!